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Brand Name Research

The brand name is an integral trait of communication and exclusively distinguishes it from other brands. In order for brands to sell well, their names should become a part of the everyday speech of consumers.

Terapods is a branding naming agency in Bangalore, drafting and designing the brand name encapsulating your company image and values. A potential brand name not only distinct the product from opponents but also adds to the reputation of the company. Brand name that maintains its exceptional presence in customers mind would undoubtedly rules the mass-market. Keeping this as the ultimate motive, our wordsmiths pleasingly provide a feel to your identity that is premium and stands out of the crowd.

We took up a project to name a brand of a Singapore based company. The challenge was to bring a unique and remarkable name for their company which was segmented into three different verticals, built to suit logistics and finance. However, our creative team were super excited to take up this challenge. They came up with quirky names which were catchy and can become memorable instantly.