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5 Things to Know Before Launching a Brand...

Updated: Apr 10

Brand strategy to launch a brand
Launching a brand

1. Brand Marketing Strategy: Creating a brand is not an easy task and it will not be built in a day. Hence it is important that you must have a clear brand marketing strategy. It is the soul of your brand. Which means to say you should craft out clear goals, plans, execution methods and platforms for the first 2 years at least. This will help you to launch products/services faster, secondly, you know your next step and most importantly even if you go wrong you have a contingency plan to execute. This saves time, money and increases your brand equity.

2. Brand identity: It is a very crucial part of your brand. It is the face of your brand. it impacts the emotional side of your consumer. After all, it is the perception of the brand in the minds of the consumers which will increase your sales or revenue or brand awareness; whatever your goal is... It should be visually appealing. Be it your visiting cards, brochure, corporate profile, flyers, hoardings, presentations, company logo, and wordmark. It is important that all of these should be in line with your brand. So choose the color of your brand wisely, create the right design and the most important part to it is to use the perfect material to produce marketing collateral. Because launching a brand with a average design or material will lose it's spark instantly.

3. Consistency: Now that i a have worked quite some years in marketing. For me one thing is very clear that Consistency is an absolute necessity for a brand to grow. If consistently you portray your brand in the same manner, again and again (No spamming), your brand puts a clear impression on your customers and increases your brand value with time.

Digital marketing
Omni channel marketing

4. Digital Marketing: In this era, only traditional marketing won't work solely. It has to be supported by digital marketing. And if you are a small firm and don't have enough funds to spend on huge marketing ads. Digital marketing helps you to grow. Nonetheless, bigger or smaller firm; cannot ignore digital marketing because it helps to analyze your present and future customers behavior and the insights you get about your customer behavior is mind-boggling. You must have a website and use SEO (Search engine optimization) + Social Media Marketing and Analytics.

5. Keep Improving: Finally now even if you have launched your brand. In this process, you will learn which marketing strategy worked and which failed. And you analyze why a marketing strategy did not work and improvise it. It might work on some other target audience like other geography or gender. And slowly you will realize that you are creating an awesome value for your brand in this process.

This is a summary to give you an idea of what all you should keep in mind before you launch a brand. Let me know your thoughts on this. And if you want to me to write on some other topic s relating to Brand Marketing management or Digital marketing let me know.

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