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How to Write an About Us Page content for your Website?

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

The biggest issue you see on the typical eCommerce About Us page is that it's totally devoted to the business. An About Us tab that focuses on your brand of e-commerce – what an insane idea!

But remember this – the About Us page is not just about business. It's about why a consumer wants to emotionally invest in your company. It's about why you're the right one to fix the dilemma that customers face or your site visitors in your online presence.

And in the world of e-commerce, that's what you're doing – building trust and providing a product that solves a customer's problem.

Why an About Us page is important

The About Us page is critical to establishing relationships with your clients whether you are a small business or a unicorn. If you really don't know if you need this page on your website, here are a few more examples of why working on it is a smart idea:

  • It's popular with new visitors: on average, more people visit the About Us page than just every other page on your website.

  • It explains that you are unique: No one else is running a company like yours. Your About Us page is the perfect place to share.

  • It strengthens your brand: Your About Us page is a perfect place to say just who you are and how you want to be viewed by the world.

An About Us Page - What It Stands For

The About Us page offers online shoppers access to your brand and the people behind it. This could include as a written content the following.

  • The story behind your brand.

  • What makes your brand so exclusive?

  • What are the ideals and beliefs of your brand?

  • Why do consumers have to pick you?

Sharing a story on your About Us page is a perfect way to create confidence in your future client since your consumers are more deeply invested in your brand after reading it. The extent that they can empathize with the mission, beliefs, challenges, or victories you've faced, the more successful your brand is going to be in customer retention.

How to write About Us page

Your About Us page may consist of the most important stuff for your brand however you feel. The following are only a handful of things that can help you do just that. The page starts with

  • Include a unique value proposition

There must be some aspect to your business that sets you apart from all the other competitors in the market. That is precisely what you're trying to sell as a business. Make sure that your business's unique selling point is clear and evident to customers when they read the About Us section. You can do it manually, or take help from digital marketing agencies to do that for you.

  • Show your company's faces:

You will be able to monitor where the reader is looking by adding the faces of your creators or the whole team. But if you are a lone man army with a business, it should be enough for a clear profile shot of yourself to place a physical face on the company.

  • Tell your brand story and mission statement

The page includes

  1. When the idea of your brand came to you. Maybe a brief company history.

  2. When you've sold your first piece

  3. Your first award

  4. Your first major project

  5. Any other major milestones

  • Don't make it too long!

Don't write a story that spans over 2000 pages, no matter how enticing it may be-it is very rare that a buyer would read it all anyway. Instead, make it short and on the spot. Stop being so self-prideful, babbling and off-topic.

  • Let customers know where you are

Inform consumers where you are. After learning where your company is based, you'd be shocked to hear how much happier specific clients might sound. You will further establish confidence with people from that region by saying where you're from. Do not forget to note both your office's place and where your merchandise is delivered.

  • Guide clients to the next action

When they stop reading your About Us page, what is the next thing you want your clients to do? You certainly don't want them to simply lie down at the bottom of the page with nothing to do about it. Build a CTA to take them back to your store, supply them with a contact form, or make them sign up for your email.

  • Keep your About Us page updated.

Don't forget, every once in a while, to refresh your About Us page. You can do and play with a lot of things, so don't be afraid to try new things. You would like to add a video on your website, or you might even want to have a contact form on it.

What not to put on an About Us page.

Now that you know what an About Us page should contain, here are some things that you should avoid.

  • Hype

Spare your hype for the social media aspect of your business. Your About Us page is for your clients to develop a friendship and connect. Be precise and not too descriptive, showcase a few social proofs to bring in potential customers to your online store or your product or services-based website.

  • Sales Pitch

Ideally, you should not use your About Us page to market. While people who read this page may be interested in your product, they are interested in you at this moment in time. Keep the emphasis on your brand as an individual, not your goods, and what makes you distinctive.

And finally, make your web design of your landing page like it is telling a story.

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