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I am Yosho, an innovative and versatile Brand Builder and Application Developer. My passion lies in seamlessly blending creative vision with technical prowess. With a track record of crafting compelling brands and integrating cutting-edge technologies, I bring a unique synergy of marketing finesse and tech expertise to every project I undertake 

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Key Skill Set

  • Brand Strategy: I possess an innate ability to translate ideas into impactful brands, leveraging a deep understanding of market dynamics to develop resonating strategies that foster lasting brand loyalty.

  • Marketing Maestro: A master at crafting captivating marketing campaigns across traditional and digital platforms, I leverage insights into consumer behavior to drive results and conversions.

  • Tech Whiz: Proficient in website and app development, I merge aesthetics with functionality, ensuring user-centric digital experiences through my expertise in programming languages and frameworks.

  • Innovation Advocate: Thriving on the forefront of tech advancements, I constantly incorporate emerging technologies to enhance user experiences and business outcomes.

  • Collaborative Approach: Known for exceptional communication and teamwork, I seamlessly blend brand-building and tech skills to achieve impactful outcomes in collaborative environments.

  • Portfolio Impact: With a diverse portfolio, I've transformed brands into market leaders and crafted seamless digital solutions that drive business growth.

  • Elevate Your Brand: Seeking to seamlessly blend marketing, branding, and technology? Look no further—I'm here to elevate your brand's presence and digital experiences.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+65 9039 3992

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