[Logo Design]

Logo is the first image     

that gets inside the customer’s head

The Logo is the first image that gets inside the customer’s head when he/she thinks of your brand. This is why it is extremely important to be good at striking an impression. At Terapods, we provide assistance with Logo Designs in a wide range of aesthetics that suit your company’s image. We take pride in ourselves for being one of the best logo designing company in Bangalore.

It is our belief that your company personality should be reflected in your logo. We design them to be simple and clear in order to creating a lasting effect and create a connection with the customer.

Our work includes assistance in many steps of the logo building process, such as  :

Find Brand Names

Getting the right and legal brand names is crucial and we at Terapods have the right knowledge and tool to give you the right names.


Unique Logos

Design a logo from a team of professional logo designers. Don't like the first version, don't worry we provide 2 unique logo to choose upon. We create logo which are memorable. Customize your logo with us.


Brand Colors 

Colors are essence of brand visuals, it has to be right from the first go. We analyze the emotions and perception and choose the perfect color themes for you.



Brand Assets are important to keep going your brand impact and continuity. And it has to be in sync with your brand visuals

Our team of designers and branding experts stay up to date with the latest trends in the market and will provide you with the perfect logo for your industry. No matter what kind of a company you are, Terapods, beyond a logo design company will ensure that it gets the right kind of reputation and impression in the minds of your customers.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of our works!

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Packaging Design
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Packaging Design
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Name card design
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name card design
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Image by Austin Distel


Steal the spotlight with a striking brand identity that customer recognizes instantly. Nurture your appearance that communicates with the audience. Brand Design is the spice that changes look and feel of your firm. It’s what shapes your brand and allows your business soar to new heights.

Brand design is a vital component of marketing strategy that translates your company objective, values and mission to grab crowd attention.