WHY Branding is a Competitive Advantage?

Your brand is not just your product, your logo, your website, or your content you own? It is much more than that. It is the intangible components like purpose, consistency, emotion, loyalty and flexibility. 

Once the business is off the ground, it has to keep running. It is kind of Making it or breaking it.

Hence branding has become utmost necessary today to cut through the noise and directly connect with your customers. Branding digital is getting more important than ever before.

Connect instantly with your audience.

Evoke the right emotions from your target audience.

Differentiate your products or services uniquely.

Increase brand loyalty among your customers.

Avoid price war with your competitors.


BrandING Design




Get a quirky and legally available name for your company, products or services. Our branding agency has an inhouse tailored technology-based tool specifically to generate creative brand names.


We are one of the creative agencies in Bangalore helps in creating designs that are impactful and impressive. We take inspiration from our surroundings and convert ideas into memorable designs. Our creative branding team focuses to create a  logo which is unique and evocative.



Developing a killer differentiator for your brand is crucial. Starting from auditing, positioning to developing the brand message. Our branding agency provides full branding services. To develop a complete brand strategy connect with one of our brand managers.

Designing Brands with which your clients will interact!

Branding is an important aspect of any business and creating a brand is difficult. It offers a positive impact on the customer’s mind and also has the capability to convert lookers into buyers. Customers are attracted to brands that make them feel the experience they desire.


Therefore, we Terapods one of the branding companies in Bangalore love to work alongside with our clients throughout the brand development course to pass on the exact values to their customer to build an emotional bond between them. Conveying the right message not only creates a healthy relationship but also shapes brand loyalty.

Our professionals combine several elements of branding to form a rich and impressive brand experience, the only road to build an authentic and distinct branding design for companies.

Brand Name:  The explanation is long and involved. To put it in a nutshell, the whole industry packaged in a few letters. Rely on Terapods for a chic business name and get noticed. As a branding design company, we ensure you get a legally available brand name.

Logo and Brand Design: Furnished to express your faith, designed to stand out from the clutter and simplicity maintained to be recognized easily. Our design services apart from creating a professional logo for your business. We create a complete brand identity for the brand based on the client requirement. This includes name card or business cards, brochure, presentation and letterhead templates, company badges and other merchandising.


We are the logo generators based on current trends. Below are the types of logo we help to create.

  • Wordmark 

  • Logo with Wordmark 

  • Legacy Logo

  • Modern and simple logo

Brand Style guide: The corporate identity needs to follow certain guidelines for the custom logo created. The do's and don'ts of the brand identity developed for the company is included in the style guide. Our graphic designer puts together with the company logo, the other design with their guidelines as well to maintain the consistency across your company.

Tagline: Thinking of defining your trade in a way that customer recalls you instantly. You have landed at the right destination.  The Mavens here,  frame short and unforgettable taglines that leaves an imprint of the products associated with it.

Colour Palette: Amidst the branding process, picking prominent shade matters so much. Express visually with an alluring visual identity blended with colours that evoke the emotion. We assist in deciding the appropriate branding shades that relate to your brand and connect straight to the patron’s heart.

Website and App Development: Online brand presence is highly essential these days. We provide a complete end- to end support by developing website UI UX designs, video productions, create a solid social media account which is in line with the brand design of your company. This get's you started easily and develop a branded marketing strategy.

WhY Us?

Are you struggling to find the right brand name?

Difficulty in getting the professional brand design to showcase.

Juggling to find the killer differentiator for your brand.

if so we at Terapods a branding agency in Bangalore, exactly provide solutions for all the above problems. We simply help you create uniqueness from scratch. Starting from finding a legally available brand name to creating a high-quality logo and web design. Our logo designers are well versed with the latest trends and develop a complete brand identity design.

We are one of the creative agencies in Bangalore. Our branding design services are dedicated to creating a unique logo and along with logo creation, we ensure that it is a professional design at the same time. 

Send us your requirement and we share our profile and case study.

We could be your next logo maker for your brand. Connect with us!


“Extremely professional service. Great ideas! And sharp on deadlines.. Makes a difference to branding for sure... Thank you"

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“Great service. Very professional. Awesome experience."

Monika Bischoff, Singapore

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