Brand Designing Trends in 2018

2018 is coming to an end thought to wrap up this year with one of my favorite topic. So what brand designing guidelines you should take away and create brands attributes:

Go Bold yet Simple: You be in any industry, IT, Logistics, Products based literally any... existing companies are re-branding themselves to fit into the concept of "Be Bold yet Simple" to be catchy and to be remembered easily. And startups are not an inch behind in designing their brand attributes to accommodate the concept of being strong and vivid. Be it a simple name card or the products on the shelf of the supermarkets.

Now, why is it so?

One of the possible reasons could be the current competition in the market where many companies work in the same segment of business and brand differentiation becomes all the more important and crucial to remain significant in the market.

Another plausible reason our conscious memory is short-termed and limited whereas our unconscious memory is unlimited, so clear & concise visual can be easily processed thus connecting easily with the target audience.

No Clutter means Minimalist Design:

These days the concept "Less is More" is trending in terms of designing ones brand attributes. This idea of brand design trend connects to the first point of being simple in the thoughts, whether it is easy navigation through the website or a simplistic Ad design. It should not be cluttered with much text, buttons, links or fails to sync with the brand color combination.

Put forward what you want to communicate and leave behind what does not pass the message you are willing to deliver. Be it your logo, wordmark letterhead, corporate brochures, product designs, flyers, hoardings or banners, let a picture do most of the talks for you with minimal or no text.

Responsive Design:

The more the engagement level, the more successful is your brand. So why get stuck in a static phase, be dynamic and responsive. Especially your website and apps both in desktop and mobile version should have an interactive UX design. But do not overdo just for the sake of it. Remember to be minimalistic!

Gradients are back!:

For more than a decade flat design was in. But now a right mix of flat design with a shade of bold colours has been the modern mantra to revamp and create brand designs. The transition of colour is adding depth to the look and feel.

These were four or Tera points regarding Brand designing trends compiled.

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