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Updated: Jun 7

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William Shakespeare once quoted, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” This quote holds true with respect to marketing as well.

Engagement with your target customer is an important aspect of marketing. In order

for brands to sell well, their names should become a part of the everyday speech of


The brand name is an integral aspect of communication and uniquely differentiates it from other brands. A brand name can make or break your business idea. Therefore, choosing the business name wisely can decide a product’s fate in the market.

Hacks for choosing the Right Brand Name

  • Choose a brand name after gaining information about whom you are going to serve (target market)

and their perceptions and beliefs.

  • A brand is built by its customers. Customers remember a brand better if they feel that the brand name is a good fit. Right communication is the key.

  • Association, rather than the meaning, matters. Select words with phonetic symbolism that describe your brand’s or product’s philosophy.

  • Connoting the category in your brand name proves helpful if you plan to start as a niche

brand for the focus groups.

  • Focus on product reflection in the brand name. It helps customers to get a hint of

services the brand provides as well as to connect the brand to that particular niche.

Also, following some basic guidelines is a big help for entrepreneurs when deciding their

brand’s name.

  1. A brand name should be easy to spell and pronounce in chief customer countries.

  2. Names with two syllables, for example, Nike and Facebook, are pleasant to remember.

  3. Avoid inside jokes when selecting a business name.

  4. Prefer selecting names that have seven letters or less.

  5. Select a memorable name as they are easy to remember.

  6. Aim to portray a positive message through your business name.

However, it may happen that after coming up with a specific idea or a catchy brand name,

you do not get a domain or the price tag is high.

Luckily, a business or a brand name generator can come to your rescue. It helps you to

come across great brand name with an available domain.

List of free business name generator Tools for various types of businesses


It allows you to launch your first online store as soon as you come up with your brand

name using the generator. It displays brand names with available domains.

Name Mesh

This name generator will try finding the right domain name if you wish to have a particular

keywords in your domain.

You will be given a series of available domains for the exact keywords that you typed. A list

of relevant available domains based on the keywords you typed will also be

recommended. You will be provided name categories such as similar, common, new, and

fun. The unavailable domains are displayed in red, whereas the available ones are

shown in green.

You will also be given options such as character lengths.


It is an interactive platform that prompts you to click “Let’s Get Started!” once you visit their

page. You will be given the choice of your preferred industry such as information

technology, creative and marketing, trade and home services, business consulting and

legal services.

You get keywords after typing your industry. Your selected brand name appears in a

vibrant rectangle.


It provides unique brand names that are available with the registered .com domain

name. The listed names are sold at an affordable price with a professional logo. The

selected brand name comes with a logo design.

Hipster Business Name

It is considered the most creative generator of brand names. You are required to pay an

affiliate commission to Hipster Business Name. A particular niche is not listed in the


Fit Small Business

You are asked questions as your last name, the location served, and the types of

goods sold. Next, you will be provided with a list of brand names. After clicking a domain, you

will be redirected to Bluehost.


It is an IT software company and offers a fluid experience to the user. However, it does not

have domain availability worked into its generator.


It offers the user domain availability. When the domain availability is displayed, users are

shown what extensions are available. The ideas are presented in an easy to use and read



Though it provides creative suggestions, it only gives a single name per generation click.

This generator tool works best for those who are not related to any industry or are

attached to any keyword usage.

Business Name Generator

It provides a lot of idea names with variations based on keyword as well as both prefix and

suffix variations. It also values creativity.

It is filterable and provides the user with targeted industry ideas.


It provides exciting and unique brand names to the user. Their ideas are filterable based

on what the user feels would fit best.

This tool also sends the generated ideas to the user’s mail so that the user can sort out the

ideas at his or her own time.


It gives standard suggestions that centres around particular categories such as fun, short,

and SEO. Brand names are shown in domain suggestions rather than actual business


However, the given suggestions lack diversity. It’s SEO suggestions are suitable for those

looking forward to online business.


It displays multiple pages of business ideas by simply entering keywords and hitting

generate names. It tries to keep everything straightforward rather than providing filters like

other tools.


It is an AI-powered generator that can suggest multiple business names based on the

entered keyword. Several queries can also be inserted to get specific results.

It also offers a logo maker and site builder for free.

These were a few company name generators that you can research and have unique business brand name ideas

In short ask your marketing team to do a proper marketing research to research consumers needs. Post qualitative research consolidate set of brand names do a brand name testing. Btw Terapods have a cool tool to test your names. Can reach out to us to test your brand names.
After the testing done, goahead and use the brand name and register it without any hesitation.

Remember, while these business name generators are great tools to start with, they’re no replacement for intuition, taste, and creativity—the human touch. So, We, at Terapods believe in "Creating Brand with which your clients will interact with". Terapods helps in developing and designing the brand name that will be a blueprint for all the decisions you make when developing your brand down the road. The focus remains on providing a full range of Branding and digital services for a complete end to end branding solutions, right from designing a quirky business name to finally communicating the customers about the product.

Have great business and catchy business by creating catchy memorable brand names. You will need more than a name for a good business but this can be a starting point for brainstorming ideas for the name from these brand name generator offers to find the perfect name for your potential customers and leads to a strong brand staretgy.

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