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How to use effective marketing materials to grow your brand?

Updated: Feb 9

How to use marketing materials to grow your brand

What are Marketing Materials?
Why it is important?
How to choose which all marketing material suits your company?
Where and how to use them?

What are Marketing material?

These are the elements of your brand with which your clients will interact. It can be in digital format, for example, Display image and cover page on Social Media Platform, banner ads. Or traditional format in paper format for example business cards, envelops, brochure, Display ads for billboards. Materials which has a brand logo, tagline/slogan and sometimes core values or value proposition on it will be considered as Effective Marketing Materials because those elements are reflecting your brand in some of the other ways.

List of Non-Digital Marketing Materials

  1. Business Name cards

  2. Company Flyers

  3. Brochure

  4. Letterheads

  5. Letter pads

  6. Envelopes

  7. Billboards

  8. Banners

  9. Corporate gifts

  10. Packaging Materials

And the list goes on based on what your products and services are.

Along with non-digital marketing material digital materials have taken equal importance in this social era.

List of Digital Marketing Materials

  1. Website

  2. Apps

  3. Display Ads in Google, Facebook, Instagram and much more.

  4. Television Ads (TV Ads)

  5. Corporate, product or service Videos

  6. Corporate Presentations

  7. Logo opener Videos

  8. Social media display picture and cover pages

  9. Customized Landing pages

  10. Templates for email marketing, email signature, customized proposals.

The list is not exhaustive based on digital platforms you choose your marketing materials for the same changes.

Why they are important?

Marketing materials are important because they are your tool for your

  1. Brand Awareness

  2. Inbound: To pull your targeted audience towards your brand

  3. To encourage your audience to do a certain action. For example, engaging with your content, joining a community, visiting your website, calling your salesperson, adding products to the e-cart and the like.

  4. It helps to reflect your brand personality

  5. Develops an aura of trustworthiness which is called brand trust

How to choose which all marketing material suits your company?

Choosing the right marketing material is vital because it helps to differentiate you from your competitors.

There are basic marketing materials which you ought to have once you have established your brand, digitally and non-digitally. Which are your name cards, letterheads, company presentation, website and business profile on social media like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Other than these you should have customized materials to promote your business.

For example, you are an eCommerce company.

You ought to have

  1. E-commerce website which is a no-brainer

  2. App

  3. Product packaging for the product the brand is selling

  4. Logistics Vans used to transfer your product across locations

  5. Delivery boy wearing your brand

  6. Online customer support speaking your brand name at least once while picking up calls

  7. Email Templates should speak about your brand promise, offers, values, of course, your logo and tagline and social links.

  8. TV ads videos

  9. YouTube Videos explaining your products or services

  10. The content you share with your brand influences and brand ambassadors

  11. Banners and much more that you use in social events

All these elements are focused on online service/product you are selling.

Now let’s take another example of product-based.

Let say you are a Coffee shop having brick and motor outlets.

  1. Hoarding design displaying your brand name and colors evidently

  2. Coupon code at the counter

  3. Coffee mugs or paper cups having your brand logo/ slogan

  4. Creative boards put up inside the outlets

  5. Business cards having your contact number to reach you out if want delivery services

  6. Coffee machine having your logo printed

  7. Thank you note on tissue papers

  8. Displaying your products on display LCD’s

Now that we have discussed two examples, you might have observed that the marketing materials differ based on your industry, products, services and place where you are selling your brand.

So, before you develop the marketing materials, you have to identify the right marketing material for your brand and who all should have these to give it to your clients easily. Like your sales guys should have their name cards, company profile with them. To instantly share it with potential clients. The marketing team should have all the essential materials to share digitally and non-digitally. Your customer service team should have the right content and information to make your brand sound trustworthy. Your employees should wear the brand. So, give them some goodies which they enjoy to have for free.

Hope now you can identify your brand marketing materials easily.

Where and how to use them?

Using your marketing materials wisely and creatively is essential for your brand to grow.

The placement of the brand logo, slogan and values are critical as well.

  1. Evident places like in Ads on the right or center of the designs.

  2. Top left of websites Should be bold and visible, make sure use big fonts for your values, USP or offers.

  3. Put your logo and tagline in each and every marketing materials

  4. Keep in mind not to overdo it by repeating the logo multiple times.

  5. Utilize them during some events or seasonal occasions like black Friday in the US or during any celebrations or season-wise.

  6. Create marketing materials country or location focused makes it more personal

  7. Make it more humanized.

By answering what and where the marketing materials to be used, you can definitely improve your brand presence among your target audience.

We at Terapods, help to identify and develop marketing material designs. If you have a project let's connect.

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