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7 tips to increase website traffic. The 4th point will add value.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

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7 tips to drive website traffic.

If you have launched your website and looking for getting those initial website traffic to your website. Then you are in the right place. Bringing increased website traffic to a website is a gradual process unless you are an established brand. You have to put in some time and effort if you have just started. 

By now you must have launched the website. Below are some tips which will help you make it Google friendly and drive traffic to the website.

1. Website Design: Your website should be user-friendly, now what is user-friendly? It means the content is placed exactly where the user anticipates. The menu should be somewhere on the right top and the logo or word-mark to the left. When the navigation is smooth and simple coupled with good content the bounce rate is kept under control. Secondly, it should have good user experience. The elements used in the design or layout should be wisely chosen to ensure fast loading of the page (< 5s). Because you don't want your users to wait and Google to hate.

Google Webmaster

Image Source: Google

2. Mobile Website Optimized: Lack of a mobile-friendly experience can have a negative impact on the rankings of the site. Why? Because Google favors responsive website which is optimized for users to view in different sizes of smartphones. Try testing the concept of "mobile first indexing". It means you are asking Google to index your mobile version of the website first. And most often you will see traffic to your website coming from handheld devices. A site with a better mobile experience potentially receives a ranking boost. It adds credibility to your digital presence. Because by 2021 smartphone users is predicted to increase by almost to 468 million in India (Source: Statista). Hence have a mobile-friendly version of the website to maximize your traffic.

3. Index Your Website Pages: Have you enabled google analytics to your website? If yes then use Google Webmasters to check for your website pages are indexed. Post checking if there are any unnecessary links in your website do remove those. For example 404 or broken links and the like. It will also show how many pages are indexed and non-indexed. Pages which are not indexed, request Google to index them. By doing this you are informing Google which all are your genuine pages and needs to be identified. This helps website pages to rank higher for genuine content. Hence will attract more users.

Content Creation - Terapods
Content Creation - Terapods

Image Source: Google

4. Content Creation: Your website should have great content which users are searching for. If you are a fashion brand. Please write good content on fashion trends, what products suit them and likewise for other companies as well. If your content is good and you are listed in the 3rd or 4th position in the google page search results. And a person clicks your instead of the top one. You are likely to move up in the ranking. Have a blog post on your website or news section, targeting to your target audience, which you should keep updating, weekly or monthly basis.

Write about topics people are talking about focused on your industry or read industry magazine/newspaper and get ideas for topics and the style of writing. Nowadays many free tools are there where you get to know about trending topics as per your liking. I use Feedly, Flipboard and personally follow hashtags on topics which I want to know and learn about them.

Now once you have created content don't just sit on them. Share it. How? The next point covers it.

5.Create Social Media Platforms: Choose your social media wisely. It depends on what kind of business you are in. Where your target customers are and when they are active? Who will be interacting with your content on a website or other platforms? But generally, if you are a B2B company then preferably give slightly higher importance to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and create profiles here first and then grow your social accounts gradually as per needs. If you are B2C then add on an Instagram account.

Now just creating profiles won't help you. You have to build a target audience base. How you do it? This is the toughest part, each platform has its own unique behavior, and each one has its own algorithm to work. In short and sweet steps:

Create good and genuine content on your website and share it with your friends and colleagues who would probably be interested in your business on the correct social media platforms. To get those first few traffic to your website. As mentioned earlier please don't create content every day and spam your users.

For Facebook: Image + a short 2 liner write up and if people want to see more they might hit your website button. And sometimes a good post with your website link can help you drive the website traffic.

For Instagram: Use a solid image for your story and a swipe button to your website.

For Twitter: If you have good no of followers and have connected yourself to your target audience already. Then you can use it to leverage for increasing your website traffic by sharing the right content.

You might have noticed I have not mentioned LinkedIn yet, it is because I consider it to be more of a social cum professional platform which is definitely a powerful platform to get you good leads for your business. Please do create one LinkedIn profile as well. Will touch this point in one of my upcoming article. But for now, let's focus on website traffic.

Video Image Terapods
Video creation

6. Video Content: Why Video is so important? Because 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Source: Wordstream). So can’t ignore videos. Just to start with you must have created a YouTube account already. If not start by creating one. Upload your videos and describe the video and if your users are interested in your content, give a URL of your website.

If you don't have a video yet. Create a normal corporate video using free video editing tools with pictures describing your service, products and your brand values. And slowly start creating catchy videos. If you are able to increase your subscribers, most likely they are going to hit your website to get to know more about your products and services on the website.

7. Backlinks: Backlinks are considered as no 1 criteria to rank you here. Which can bring you good traffic. What are backlinks? When an external website links to yours. However, you have to be careful while building it. Just out of frustrations don't buy links and add to your website. Google will penalize or blacklist you and will have a negative impact on your website. There are many links talking about building backlinks you can find. My suggestion would create manual backlinks first. By now you must have put your website links already on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social profiles like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit and so on. You have already started this process. Do check aleksandarstojkov website for manual backlinks your site must have.

Apart from this, figure out where are your genuine buyers are? Looking for you. Create profiles in those directories and platforms and add your website links. For example, if you are into real estate. Look out for aggregators and create an account there and put your relevant website link. This will get you started. There is complete process for this as well.

By adopting the above steps, I am pretty sure you will have traffic coming to your website and slowly you will learn how to increase your monthly unique visitors .

If you want to know more about digital or brand management. Please comment on the topics name will try to accommodate.

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