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Top Branding Agency in Bangalore 2023

Updated: Jan 3

Finding out the top branding agency in Bangalore in 2023 is quite a trick. Here is a list of companies with their services. You can pick your choice based on your requirement.

Are you looking for marketing campaigns post designs, tailor-made video productions, visual identity or a clear communication strategy? Here we have listed the top branding agency in Bangalore that can help create the right graphic design and brand development for small and medium businesses.

Below is the list of top branding companies that were consolidated and updated this year but have not been ranked in any particular order.

Terapods Branding Agency

Red Baton Design Studio


IIIucus -Creative Marketing

Lucid Design


Pink lemonade



Adams Creation

Palpx – Design Studio

Jootoor Designs

Mellow Designs


Brand visuals are definitely the essential elements of your company. They are the face of the company for your target audience. If they are right and make the right connection with your audience, then the task is done.

So, it is vital that whichever agency you choose, it should deliver what the owner requires. It should also ensure that the target audience is able to relate to as a whole what the company is delivering.

If you are looking for marketing campaigns post designs, tailor-made video productions, visual identity or a clear communication strategy, the below are the top branding agencies that can help create the right graphic design and brand development for small businesses and medium businesses.

1. Terapods Branding Agency

Terapods believe that they help “Creating Brand with which your clients will interact” by having the tagline Uniqueness personalised. We do the necessary market research to create the right strategy for brand development.

We provide end-to-end branding solutions to their clients, where uniqueness is personalised.

They also have both start-ups and enterprises for the branding needs of the company.

They Provide:

Brand Strategy: Unique brand names, Killer Differentiation strategy that is brand positioning against your competitors.

Brand Visuals: Logo, tagline, business cards, brochure, corporate presentations, flyers, Social media ads, Brand style guide/manual. Being a logo design company we are focused to provide quality logos.

Web Presence: Website development

We are also one of the good marketing companies which provide marketing strategies with brand experiences.

Schedule a free call with the team.

2. Red Baton Design Studio

Provide services starting from, defining brand elements, and brand identity and finally creating a brand style guide which all in all includes, typography design, colour palette, Illustrations, iconography, logo design, brand stationery design, product packaging design, outdoor print design, email design, business card design, checklist of do's and don'ts and placement of the logo.

Apart from branding they also design platforms like websites, apps and more.

3. Brandemic

Their creative studio delivers video production, photography, campaigns, brand design, web design and more.

They also provide design for brands in terms of logo design, product packaging, illustrations, style gudie.

4. Illucus

Consider themselves as a digital creative agency designs Bangalore. Their solutions include

  1. Brand Building

  2. Digital Development

  3. Content Production

  4. Content Marketing

  5. Lead Generation

They provide services on Brand strategy, research, identity design, brand manual, User experience, visual design, print, packaging design, visual merchandising, booth design.

5. Lucid Design

Lucid design enables your brand to say exactly what it should, making it a beacon of clarity, excitement, quality and global appeal is also one of the branding agency or branding companies in Bangalore.

They provide services for brands, products, graphics, Environments, packaging, websites, apps and films.

6. iOceane

They do build brands; however, they consider themselves the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore. If you want to have your brand presence digital you might want to consider them.

They provide service on Web & CMS development but have a section for branding for the corporate as well.

7. Circuit 9

They have array of services, where brand management is part of their services.

The services they provide are: Brand research, Brand Messaging, Brand Positioning and brand strategy.

8. Pinklemonade

They also have array of design services:

They provide Brand Positioning and Strategy, design, content, video, UI/UX, presentations and copy-writing.

9. Sreecon

They provide service in logo design, brochure design, product packaging design and kiosk design. With other added values for launching your brand.

10. Adams Creation

They craft a dynamic brand identity for a start-up based in Bangalore.

They provide service brand identity, brand guidelines, brand icons, corporate stationery and brand application.

Bookmark this article, as this will be updated accordingly if the rating changes. And will be in need for future use.

11. Palpx – Design Studio

Its design philosophy is creating fluid, palpable solutions that adapt and respond to the ever-changing world.

Its services include brand identity, packaging, website design, logo & ID system, e-commerce, information architecture, app design, personas and the like.

12. Jootoor Designs

It claims to be the digital marketing agency for startups.

It specializes in e-commerce, web development, graphic designs, WordPress Design, logo designs, SEO services, social media, hosting, content writing services, cloud based email services etc.

13. Mellow Designs

They have a speciality in branding, visual identity, UI UX design and performance marketing.

14. DesignRush (Bonus)

Now design rush is not a branding agency but a B2B platform where you can find the list of branding agencies. But the above list is the most consolidated one, based on google ratings and ranking though not in the order of ranking.

These are some of the branding companies in Bangalore, to whom you can reach out.

Some of the agencies are advertising agencies for products and services companies. You might get a branding agency to create a brand like coca cola.